Music And Lyrics: Gastón Beltrán

Performed By Bria Jene And Gaston Beltran

Video Credits: 

Cameras:  Gastón Beltrán and Bria Jene
Editing: Gastón Beltrán
Choreography: Bria Jene

Recorded at Nogal_Studio, Sound Engineer: Jerónimo Escajal 
Drums Recorded at Estudio Afro

Mixed and Mastered By Jerónimo Escajal

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Since an early age, Gaston Beltran showed a natural passion for music.

He studied at several institutes and Conservatories with education as his main priority.

He obtained his degree in Jazz Saxophone while mastering his skills in Music Production and DJing ​.

As a professional he has worked at hotels, for various cruise lines and theaters around the world.

He is currently working on his First Album "In Between The Sides" featuring different artists. ​


Instuments he plays in order of priority: ​ Saxophone (soprano, alto,tenor, baritone), Clarinet and Bass Clarinet, Flute and Piccolo, Oboe, Guitar. ​ Aditional Skills: Keyboards, Bass, Drums, Didjeridoo, Scratch DJ, video DJ, Video Maker, Photography.





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