Mixing Music and videos

Music has been an integral part of my life since I was a kid. As a professional musician, I've learned to appreciate and learn from all realms of music. I'm a lover of good music and good mixing and the technology today allows me to combine my skills, artistry and creativity with both music and videos!


Catering to the listening partygoer and the visual partygoer, mixing music and videos is exactly what I do! Smooth and creative sets to keep the crowd entertained. 

I offer a variety of music genres such as  hip hop, funk, house, R&B plus much more. My sets are extrememly versatile and cater to every listener.


Lastly, I offer various DJ options depending on your personal taste:

*audio sets

*visual sets

*live improvisation sets adding saxophone and/or  flute

I look forward to grooving with you!

DJ Gaston


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